Overeating is a Pleasure.

Pleasure of Overeating.

People who overeat are deficient. Yes, this seeming contradiction is a basic diagnostic indication of this problem. About food, but above all about self-love is this article.

Why are we Overeating?

Overeating is related to the feeling of lack, with the feeling of “something is missing me”. It can be love, security, safety, or peace of mind. It brings a feeling of bliss and satisfaction. It’s a little drug. The second cause of overeating is in seeking emotional balance. In other words, I’m not fine, eating helps me feel better. Food in the short term creates a sense of relaxation and well-being or certain pleasure. It is important to know the difference between real hunger and a mere appetite for food. The feeling of empty stomach and rumbling is a manifestation of real hunger. The appetite may appear at any time. Immediately after eating lunch, candy advertising on TV, scent from the pizzeria.

Pleasure of Overeating

What’s starting it?


The most common trigger is a feeling of insecurity or a feeling of exhaustion. However, human psyche also has food associated with a sense of security. In other words, the full refridgerator of food means we’re good, we’re safe. Overeating is used to stop psychological problems and it is successful in the first phase. However, after the meal comes guilt, anxiety and depression. These conditions are deepening especially in people who are overweight and hateful towards their body. People who lead a demanding lifestyle are sometimes exhausted. And then they can also look for energy for themselves in the meal. That is why they most often overeat the evening, after a day’s exertion. Everything has mastered, they are tired and fill up the energy and enjoy the full plate.

Is Overeating Disease?

It is more or less the call for help. Every part of our being longs for love. Be Loved. Overeating points to an imbalance within us. Once we heal this imbalance, we will no longer need to overeat. There is a psychological problem that triggered the addiction. Think about when your problem first appeared and what happened around you.

How to stop it?

How to stop overeating and set slimming process. . .  If it was a simple answer, never would you ever meet anyone overweight. Try to deceive yourself a little and divert your attention in a different direction. How do you actually feel like holding a diet? The usual reaction of the psyche and the body is a feeling of withdrawal. I temporarily do not have anything. Human psyche, however, reacts to a ban on the opposite. How to stop emotional eating:

Drink before meals, during meals and after meals, so you will feel full earlier. For the same reason, it is also recommended to eat a slow and small bite, the stomach takes about 20 minutes to send information to the brain in which it evaluates the food received – and during that time you were in an earlier period of swallowing and overeating almost at the end of the marathon and the feeling of satisfaction still he did not come to you.

One more recommendation.

Above all, one must realize that food serves to saturate our body, not our emotions. The goal of the meal is to supply our body with enough of all the substances it needs to function properly. Plan what you eat. Keep in mind that menu planning starts with a shopping list. Whatever you do not buy, you will not be able to eat it. If you do not keep regularity in food, keep a healthy food, such as vegetables, in the fridge. Then, after a long starvation, you make a raid in the evening, vegetables are a suitable emergency solution for your “seizure”.

Will Some Supplement Help Me?

Do you feel that you need allies and effective help in your efforts? Does it strengthen your will and faith in victory over your gluttony? These will help to your body and soul as well!

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