Keto Diet Plan for Beginners

Ketogenic Diet: Complete Guide.

Anyone can be inspired and motivated to start to lose weight. So Keto Diet Review is Here. Keto Diet Plan for Beginners. But what do we mean? When we say that for decades, for example, it is used to treat mainly pharmacoresistant epileptic seizures, especially in pediatric patients, and those who benefit from weight loss from beneficial effects in the reduction of fatty tissue. Ketogenic diet. Sometimes it is also called a protein diet. Ketogenic

How Does a Protein Diet Work?

 Keto Diet Plan for Beginners typically consumes relatively much fat, an adequate amount of protein and a small number of carbohydrates. Normally, carbohydrate from food is converted into glucose, which is particularly important as brain fuel. However, if the carbohydrate diet is minimal, fat is converted into fatty acids and ketones in the liver. They then travel to the brain to serve as a replacement for the glucose as an energy source. An increased amount of ketone in the blood is referred to as ketosis. The keto diet is thus a way to get the body to think it is in a calorie-restricted regime.When the carbohydrate is excreted in the diet, the body first starts to use muscle tissue proteins as a surrogate source of energy. However, if the diet contains an adequate amount of protein, then the intake of proteins helps to protect the muscle from degradation and at the same time forces the body to use preferentially stored fat stores. Keto-Recipies Alimentation to a ketogenic diet. To begin with a ketogenic diet, you need to first forget about any sources of carbohydrates. Oatmeal, pasta, rice, pastry, potatoes, legumes, milk or even fruit, all of this and many others are forbidden in the ketogenic diet. During two to three days, glycogen stores will deplete gradually, and the body will start using fats as an energy source. Appropriate foods include fish, beef, turkey or chicken, eggs and hard cheeses, vegetables, iceberg lettuce, spinach, zucchini, and broccoli. Ketogenic food

Cyclic ketogenic diet or a course of the ketogenic diet.

The principle of ketogenic diets is to preserve as much as possible existing muscle mass and remove undesirable fats. Since long-term adherence to this scheme would slow down metabolism and, to a greater extent, lead to unwanted proteolysis, a loss of muscle mass, the ketogenic diet is especially used amongst athletes in cycles. Hence the famous CKD – a cyclic ketogenic diet. During this scheme, the first five days of the week eliminate carbohydrates at the theoretical zero, the next two days, carbohydrates are taken normally or even in increased amounts. Then the cycle is repeated.


However, with these cycles, the ketogenic diet should not last for too long, so the length of this diet seems reasonable and appropriate within a few weeks. Especially during the initial phase, it is beneficial to eliminate not only the intake of fruit but also vegetables. This can provide a theoretically zero intake of carbohydrates and at the same time to start ketosis as quickly as possible. The advantage is the ability to consume the same or slightly lower calories as normal, so you should not feel excessive hunger. However, malnutrition and dullness may occur in the initial phase. Once you reach ketosis, as you can see with the diagnostic strips, add the fiber to the menu (e.g. broccoli, spinach). Ketogenic

For or against?

The ketogenic diet does not just bring benefits in the form of fat loss reduction. This is one of the most effective diets, and therefore long-term compliance with the strict regime can bring less pleasant effects. One of the least favorable is a partial loss of a muscular mass that is often labor-intensive.Sufficient protein intake and BCAA branched amino acid supplementation, however, can almost be avoided at the theoretical level. While conserving this type of eating, constipation may occur, so it is advisable to supplement the fiber with food supplements. Vitamins and minerals are also important, which can also be replaced with appropriate and quality supplements.Benefits and Disadvantages

What I am a somatotype and what is my goal.

Despite some of the downside, ketogenic diet remains one of the most effective eating strategies in terms of fat loss. An important consideration in deciding whether to include it is to consider your own somatotype, that is to say, the physical structure.

Endomorphic somatotype.

Endomorphic types of practitioners with a large, naturally robust figure with a tendency to accumulate body fat are likely to respond to this type of diet in terms of fat loss reduction.

Ectomorphic somatotype.

On the contrary, for the ectomorphic type of trainees with a low amount of muscle mass, a smaller skeleton and fast metabolism. The diet can be mainly counterproductive in the long run – there is too much loss of even a small amount of muscle, accompanied by fat loss, get rid of it in a more gentle way.

Mesomorphic somatotype.

The last somatotype will be a mesomorph, an athletically constructed individual with well-spaced muscles, which also has no significant tendency to store body fat. He can also use the ketogenic diet, but he will probably not have to keep it for a long time.


Everything is individual.

The question of whether the ketogenic diet works and with what effects, everyone has to verify individually. In bodybuilding and fitness, eating and training in different people are often very different and specific. What works for someone does not have to deliver results to someone else and vice versa. For example, we do not have to go far, as confirmed by, for example, one of many quotes published on the website. “Diets with very low carbohydrate intake increase body mass loss in bodybuilders. At recent professional bodybuilding competitions, some athletes have failed to reach an earlier form. However, we will not name anyone with regard to the effort of preparation and subsequent frustration. Some of these bodybuilders followed the ketogenic diet. So even for bodybuilders using banned substances, a ketogenic diet can represent a small but significant component of the difference between victory and loss. “

Do not be afraid to try it.

However, they are not endorsed by the above opinion. Not only some athletes, but also non-competitive bodybuilders and gym attendees have good experience with a ketogenic diet. So there is no need for a ketogenic diet, just like anything else, to try out on your own in case of interest (and good health). This is the only way to find out whether this diet can be suitable for you or not and whether it can bring you the desired results.

Finally ...

It is therefore up to each of us to try or try the ketogenic diet. The vision of rapid fat loss is more than appealing, but something for something. Strict regimen, diet restrictions and a high risk of developing a Yo-yo effect – all of us can meet during a ketogenic diet.  

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