Diet and Fast Food.

Hamburger – a symbol of obesity.

The big problem with fast food is not just that food here has a high energy value. This would not be the worst yet, but many foods contain a high proportion of unhealthy fats, namely saturated fatty acids, salt, and hidden carbohydrates. On the contrary, the fiber, fruits, and vegetables we need can only be found exceptionally. But it is not impossible. Often, by such small tricks, it is enough to reduce negative values and enjoy.

Be careful as with an explosive!

If you get stuck in McDonald’s and you’re hungry as a wolf, then put a grilled chicken wrap. Be careful – these wraps exist in many variations, not only in terms of meat selection but also preparation. This sandwich has the highest amount of fiber you could get at fast food. One pack has 1500 kJ, 22 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrates, 17 grams of fat, of which 3.7 grams of saturated, 2.6 grams of salt and 2.7 grams of fiber. But do not think you can put a whole menu on it! Large French fries have 1800 kJ and large cola 950 kJ. But if you really need to eat, instead of French fries, give your garden salad – no dressing!

Is not it a dietary crime?

The worst choice is not even a classic hamburger. Worse is the cheeseburger, it contains unnecessary fats. When you remove the upper bun, you will reduce the energy intake as well as the intake of unnecessary empty carbohydrates, which you will soon get hungry. If you combine a hamburger with a vegetable garden salad, without fries, you will get the necessary fiber in your body and you will not be hungry for a while.

A small concession is not a sin.

Many people think they’re going to get fast food by giving them a salad. Well, but in these salads, they are caloric dressings, the meat is fried, not grilled, or their energy value is increased by croutons, cheese or bacon. Maybe such a coleslaw in KFC has 620 kJ, which is not much. So you just get empty calories and no energy, after a while you’ll be hungry again. So you just get empty calories and no energy, after a while you’ll be hungry again. If you like salad, give yourself a brazer.

Hunger is not a solution either.

If you are on the road and you have the taste of a baguette just put yourself. But be careful not to use mayonnaise! It is one of the main ingredients of most dressings. Much better than baguettes are wraps, which you get almost every petrol station today. They are around 1200 kJ and the meat is often roasted in them, not fried like strips in baguettes. But even in this case, beware of dressing. If it is written that it is yogurt, it does not mean that the main ingredient is yogurt, it can only be one of the ingredients.

Because one of these foods will not destroy you, it is not necessary to repeat this “emergency” eating solution too often or soon. Then your will and determination could slowly fade away.¬†At home, you will make a diet dinner as follows: 3 Healthy¬†Meal Recipes.

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