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What is Acne Vulgaris?

Acne is the most common skin disease suffered not only by teens but also by adults. It is caused by inflammation of sebaceous glands. The result is inflammation of the sebaceous gland. Their share is also poor diet, excessive sweating, inappropriate clothing. Acne and how to get rid of it.

Is Acne your problem too?

The worst is that they most often appear on the face, chest, and back of adolescents, that is, at the age when their presence is particularly hard to bear. And there are no exceptions that acne, has been harassing some of us for a lifetime. Acne is a disease of sebaceous glands caused by clogging in connection with increased sebum production. This is furthermore associated with overgrowth of bacteria and subsequent inflammation. If this infection spreads in depth, there are cysts that are just a small step to the scars. Frequent viciousness, squeezing inflamed pimples, spreads not only on the face but also on the hull. The most common form of acne is hormonal changes (puberty or women in the second half of the menstrual cycle). In men, acne manifestations are more severe. The tendency to develop acne is inherited and is affected not only by hormonal effects, but also by cosmetics, stress, medication, a range of diseases, and unsuitable food.

Types of Acne.

The most common is acne vulgaris, which is manifested by black dots or inflamed pimples on the face and torso.

A mild form acne comedone is manifested by only a small number of pimples, black dots prevail. At this stage, acne can be healed virtually without consequences, skin care is good enough.

The middle form of this disease acne papulopustulosa is typical of the larger shedding of inflamed pimples and red hardened places. In this case, perfect skin hygiene is not enough and you need to choose deep cleansing and begin treatment.

In the most severe form acne conglobata, a cyst occurs, which must be solved by an expert. Cysts spontaneously crack and leave behind deep scars.

Acne rosacea occurs only on the face, forming red pimples and blisters. Typical for this type of acne is the skin’s thickening and thickening in the face and the formation of deep scars.

What to eat for acne?

Acne can also be partially affected by a well-chosen diet. Among the foods that support acne include red meat, sausages, potatoes, rice, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, honey and all sweets.

Diet should be rich in minerals and vitamins, so it is especially important to eat fruits and vegetables. A strong fighter against acne are vitamins A, C, E, zinc and selenium.

Some Grandmother´s Advice
  • Apple vinegar: Prepare a solution of 3 parts of water and one part of apple cider vinegar. Then apply it to the face with a cotton swab. Leave for at least 10 minutes, repeat several times a day, or let it work overnight.
  • Cinnamon-honey mask: Mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon on the paste. Apply to skin and let it work for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Yogurt with honey: 1 tablespoon of yoghurt (room temperature) mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey is applied to the skin and left to act for 10-15 minutes. The paste is then gently wiped off the face of the face with a wet cloth – thereby removing the dead skin cells. (Likewise strawberries or avocado with honey).
  • Egg whites: We whisk 2-3 whites into the foam. We apply the fingers on the skin and when the layer of whites dries, add another layer (3 to 4 layers in total). After about 20 minutes, wash the mask with lukewarm water.
  • Papaya: grind the pulp so that we can easily apply it to your face. After 15-20 minutes, wash with warm water.
  • Potatoes: Apply 1 scraped potato to the face and rub it into the skin for a few minutes with a swirling motion. After about 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  • Banana peel: With the inside of the peel, we massively massage the entire face. After half an hour, we rinse the face.
  • Aloe: We squeeze the juice from the aloe stems of flesh, with fingers or cotton swab on the problem areas and let it work. 

Revitol Acnezine is a comprehensive solution to stubborn acne problems. It works by targeting acne from both side of your skin – The inside, and the outside. With advanced blend of natural ingredients it is a safe, efficient Herbal Supplement that can help rid your body of the toxins and bacteria that have been clogging up your pores.


The cause why Acnezine is an active substance is named Benzoyl Peroxide. It is a well-known cure for acne and acts by reducing the number of bacteria causing acne on the skin. This is the primary strength of Revitol Acnezine, which is working to reduce outbreaks.

Besides to Benzoyl Peroxide, this medication has many another inactive ingredients which all work together to form an effective and natural acne treatment. Some of the main inactive ingredients in this cream are: Allantoin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Benzyl Alcohol, Hamamelis Virginiana, Honey, Sugar Cane Extract and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract.

Laser Therapy
Laser treatment

Blue light therapy uses light in the blue wavelength range to kill the bacteria. There is no recovery time, and the treatment has relatively few, if any, adverse effects. Blue light therapy can be used to treat acne that is already present on the skin or to control the condition before an outbreak occurs.

Blue laser pen
Blue Laser Pen

Wavelength of blue light 470nm. It can effectively inhibit bacillus acne and improve the red dots, oily skin and sensitive skin, and removing acne spots. It is suitable for sensitive and acne skin.

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